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Upcoming Event: International MAS awards

Music + Sound Awards

As a judge for this event, I'll be reviewing entries and hope to see you at the party in Cannes Friday 20th June. Find out more at: www.masawards.com


Music is just as much a dream to me today as it was when I was twelve.

Introduced to the piano at the tender age of 7 I quickly developed a passion for music. A few years of daily scales and the likes of Bach rewarded me with certificates of merit and distinction up to grade six. My love of current music at that time led me to move away from classical and started joining bands at the age of 13 playng synths.

My desire to create started with a Roland S330 sampler, a D10 and an Atari 1040 running Pro16. Inspired by artists like the Art of Noise, Adamski and Leftfield, I started to get to grips with electronica and fueld my passion with more and more equipment building basement studios where I lived in East London. I began picking up work remixing tracks for London bands and became resident producer at a large London gospel church.

In 2012 I was asked onto the International judging panel of the Music+Sound Awards (MASA), who are the world’s first and only awards programme to recognise and celebrate the indispensable role and outstanding contribution that music and sound design play in the world of visual media. There are two event a year, the London Awards at the Troxy and the International Awards at Cannes during the Festival of Creativity. Find out more about how to enter or get involved in these great awards at www.masawards.com

I co-produced the album 'Gagarin Returns' with RREESS recently and am currently workng on an album called 'The Priory'. I work with a number of songwriters and musicians on projects and am always looking for something new to get into, be it a demo for a band or re-producing an album. If it's an added bit of 'something' you are looking for then get in touch.

As Willy Wonker so beautifully put it: "We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams".

Current unfinished WIP track

This is an unmixed narrative piece based on an emotional journey of the mind through trauma and into the safety of a clinic. SFX and big beats help play out this dramatic story.





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Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need someone to remix, produce or direct any upcoming projects you have. I am currently looking for some new projects so am more than happy to talk through any opportunities for direct or collaborative work. Drop me an email or give me a call or even better, let's meet up!

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